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Warcraft 3 health bar

Apr 23, What is the way to make health bars always be visible? it is written. how is it named? Last edited: Apr 23, stan, Apr 23, · #3. wc3hph: wc3 hp helper. First post, self explanatory, but: Run the program, it goes to the bottom right icon bar, right click it and choose what you. WarCraft 3 health-bars was better. SC2 HP-bars are really ugly and VERY big. Also in SotiS (custom map) you can see very good small.

Hello, I wanna see my unit's health bar, is there any type of add on or option to make these health bars permanent and always on?. Aug 12, Something has happened to my friend's computer which makes him able to see health bars of all units on the screen while playing Warcraft 3. Aug 7, I tried to change those 2 lines of health bar in Advanced Interface, but that because Warcraft 3 Image Viewer reads the Health Bar in MPQ like.

So I started playing wc3 recently but I have issues seeing which units are mine, friendly or enemies. I have always show healthbars but the.


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