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Empire total war ottoman realism mod

9 Jan All the Land Battle System remade, Unit collisions, Realistic Bayonnets, New Projectiles, Darthmod AI, Patriotism, Manpower, More playable factions, More There are vanilla Empire Total War bugs related to the Ottomans, such as their musicians not making sound or random campaign crashes that I. 4 Mar I am the first maker of Ottoman Empire Realism Mod for ETW (Till version , last official version). I was very active then during and and I made quite much effort for Ottoman Mod. I also started to work for NTW Ottoman Realism Mod but some irritating bugs and of course busyness at private life. 9 Apr Run Ottoman Realism Mod v exe which you downloaded 2. Install it on your desktop 3. Enter the Ottoman Realism Folder and copy and and paste into C:\Program Files\Steam\ steamapps\common\empire total war\data 4. Now copy Ottoman_mod and paste .

Special Thanks Amir Timur, Ramses and Nizam 1- Content of Ottoman Empire Realism v * v does work with ETW patch and last DLC Elite Units of East * 4 new units for Babur (Mughal) Empire * 4 new units for Pers * 2 new units for Ottoman Empire (we maded total.


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