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28 Feb Hyon was a legendary warrior who held the hordes of monsters single handedly and saved an entire city from being overrun. When he died of old age, treasure hunters stole the peaces of his armor. Some parts of his set are believed to be lost forever, but most of his armor has been recovered. Set Parts. [Hyon Lightning Sword]. [Ancient Item] type. [Item Details]. [1-H ATK DMG]: [+96 ~ ]; [ATK Speed]: [+30]. [Requirements]. [STR]: ; [AGI]: ; [Character Class ]: DK, ELF, MG. Possible Additional Options. Increase [Stat] [+5, +10]; Additional DMG [+4, +8, +12, +16]. (*STR req.: +5 per [Add. Opt.] variable). Luck: Jewel of. hello the game master:D today i have some question for you about Vic and Hyon if i wear Vic's armor + 2 Vic's ring + Vic's pants and Hyon's helm + Hyon's sword + .

ganito un: account ng mga players ng Hyon Mu pwede ma login sa Legacy MU pero qng anu item system ng Legacy gnun din ung ang ssundin example sa Hyon Account mo ay may socket sa Set tps sa Legacy Mu yung gnung set ay wlang socket pg dting mo sa Legacy MU wla yung socket ksi nga nka disable ang socket. Mu Hyon Season 46 likes. My Hyon - Season RTM - No WebShop - No Item Full - OpenBeta 13h - 12/01/ - Alphatest 13h - 09/01/ This is my question that i wanted to be answered. I don't know what ancient set combination i will choose. If Hyon+Vicious or Vicious+Hyon because they have same good options. If you combine Vicious+Hyon your double damage rate will be 20% but if you use Hyon+Vicious it is still good. Excellent dmge.


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