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13 Jan Also referred to as 'T-card systems', kamishibai boards in their simplest form consist of a board that displays selected tasks according to a certain logic (area, task, category, etc.) in relation to a time period (hour/day, week, etc.). Each task is displayed on a separate double-sided card (red and green) with a. Kamishibai can help managers while they are doing their gemba walks, which means they visit the shop floor to talk to employees about their work, learn about the processes and learn about the problems the people have. Instead of having only general small talk with an employee, the kamishibai card can facilitate a. 3 May Kamishibai is a form of storytelling using visual cards/boards. Now it is being used as a management tool for performing audits within a manufacturing process. As part of the Toyota production system (TPS), Kamishibai boards are used as a visual control for performing audits within.

21 Nov Image source: Toyota website Accelerating Environmental Initiatives as Global Toyota document. In TPS Kamishibai are 21st century equivalent of audits of the kaizen culture. Kamishibai cards are like cue cards or work instructions for auditing a process. Here is an example of a card used. Tee cards are cards cut into a "tee" shape to fit into a louvered panel. They are red on one side and green on the other. This allows them to be used as simple, visual reminders of the tasks that need to be completed each day. 13 Mar The safety and quality teams at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital partnered with the process improvement team to develop rounding cards to audit standard work on inpatient units and to provide a template for leaders to round with a purpose. The team utilized a lean tool called Kamishibai cards (K-cards).

14 Apr Kamishibai or Work Observation Card is a management tool for starting and improving Leader Standard Work,. Kamishibai, in Japanese means . paper drama and has come to mean, in the Lean world, a self audit or observation and reflection. Kamishibai Cards are checklists carried by leaders as part of.


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