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Lake of the Ozarks Dream Green Home

Second Home Living 'Inspiration Home' To Showcase One Man's Vision For The Lake
by Connye Griffin,

Four dream homes on one street in The Villages at Shawnee Bend will soon become five. Each home was inspired by Dave Leathers, president and publisher of Showcase Publishing. While the first four used green technology “to reduce the … [home owner’s] heating and cooling bills,” The fifth home, to be completed in late spring 2016, will be different.

Instead of being known as a Dream Green Home like the first four, Leathers’ new project is dubbed the 2016 Second Home Living Inspiration Home. While he says construction will employ the most up-to-date 21st century technologies and innovations for home building, a geothermal heating and cooling system (found in the Dream Green homes) will not be one of them. The 2016 home is focused, rather, on Southern living. The new owner of the 2016 home will enjoy the atmosphere and ambience of homes being built in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

There are three reasons Showcase Publishing builds these homes. The first is because Dave Leathers is bullish on Lake of the Ozarks. He knows the Lake is a destination for people from across the State and nation. They come for entertainment, fishing and boating competitions, water sports of all kinds, and good company. They make good memories here, and they return, often building a vacation home to enjoy while here.

Second, Leathers recognizes the Lake is becoming a different sort of destination for many second-home owners. For them, the second home eventually becomes the full-time residence, with owners giving up their first homes as the Lake transitions “from just second homes and entertainment to retirement” homes, making second-tier homes more desirable and valuable.

The 2016 Second Home Living Inspiration Home is a second-tier home, and Leathers notes these are often a better value for retirees. On the second tier, owners will enjoy reduced maintenance associated with waterfront homes. Leathers has found that some retirees enjoy looking at the water, but do not necessarily want to be on the water or try to maintain a dock and lift. If they want a boat, they use a nearby marina like the one available at The Villages.

A third reason to build a Showcase Publishing home in The Villages is Leathers’ belief in Master Plan communities. The Villages is such a community. It preserves the wooded terrain to the greatest extent possible in order to deliver the beauty and seclusion owners expect. The Villages also brings amenities that owners from urban areas appreciate. There, they enjoy underground utilities, water and sewer lines, and paved roads.

Each of the five Showcase Publishing homes has been a labor for charity, too. The first four homes benefitted the YMCA, but in 2016, the charity chosen will be one serving hungry Missourians. Leathers commented that no American should go hungry, but they do. According to The Food Bank serving central and northeast Missouri, the State has “the second highest rate of ‘very low’ food security and is ranked sixth in the nation for food insecurity. More than 122,000 people are living at or below the poverty line in the 32 counties that The Food Bank serves . . . . [where] more than 58,000 children …. financially qualify for free or reduced-priced breakfast and lunch at school.”

Showcase Publishing raises funds for charity by hosting a Homes Tour, with tour tickets sales going to the charity. In addition, any real estate sale profits go to the charity as well. The 2016 home will be approximately 4,500 square feet and is expected to sell for approximately $450,000.

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